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Speakers Brief

Thank you for accepting to participate as a Speaker/Resource Person or Sponsor at the IUPAC organized CHEMRAWN XXII E-Waste In Africa Conference which will hold in conjunction with the Chemical Society of Nigeria 44th Annual International Conference (AIC).  We’re so excited that you are a part of the already unfolding success story of this event and look forward to your presentation in any of the above stated capacities. The event is a hybrid event, so it offers many ways that you can present and engage with the audience both in-person and virtually. We are observing the COVID-19 protocols as prescribed by the government just to be sure we all met safely.

Important Links

Register: Register so we can have your complete contact info, bio, profile photo and presentation slides ::

Programme Schedule: Please use this link to see and download your presentation schedule ::

How to join: We understand that with the global pandemic the challenges of travelling could be enormous, so we have made provisions for resource persons to join in-person or virtually.

In-person option:   Yard 158, Oregun, Plot 34 Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Virtual: Please expect live sessions log in or join-in details to the email provided in the speaker registration form. Live sessions and

About the Event: This page has the event objectives and detailed description.


Internet: Please use a strong internet connection for best video quality. To avoid interruptions due to in-coming calls do not use Wi-Fi hotspot of your mobile phone.

Clean your lenses: You can use your phone or laptop camera but ensure the lens of your device is clean.

Use external microphone or headsets: If you are using a phone try keep it stationed somewhere where you are visible. In which case it is best to use external microphone or headsets to ensure you do not need to lean to close to the device mic.

Back light: avoid backing the light source  because the light will hit the lenses and create reflections. The back light will also cast shows on your face.


Let it be will lighted with white light where possible,

As minimal background noise as possible

Less movements behind your seating position.

Recorded Presentation: We are happy to take recorded presentation in MP4 format. The length should be within stated time duration for your presentation with a little allowance for Q&A. We will need a link to download the video not later than 3 days to the event.


1 Day to your presentation:  If you need to do any download or system update, please do. Review your sides and save a copy in a portable drive. You may need it.

2 hours to your presentation: Check that you have enough data. Complete the setup, join the live platform, and be ready to present.

During the Presentation:

  1. Avoid the usual question people ask, like “If you can hear me?” and “Can you see my slides?” During dry run- we will tell you that it is best to check your chat box for feedback from us concerning your shared content and audio.
  2. Lag: There is always a lag of few seconds from when a content is shared to when it becomes live. Stay calm.
  3. Check the chat box for communication
  4. Check the Q&A for questions. The moderator will be there to help as well.
  5. If you would like to do a live Poll, share this with us not later than 3 days to the event.

 We have a virtual Space (for Pre and post presentation engagements – optional) : Register on the Watch Live Site – enter your email address and create your password.

Login to create your profile, added your bio, your presentation and video and be ready to chat with attendees, engage and participate like others.   space to start engaging and participating in the same thing our attendees have access to.

DRY-RUN:  We are propose dry-runs for the following days: (Please let us know which of the two days works for you!) – ZOOM Meeting ID check-your-email Passcode: check-your-email

  • Thursday 4th of November 2021 by 2.30pm (GMT +1)
  • Friday 5th November 2021 by 2.30pm (GMT +1)

We hope you can join us?